Permanent Residence for Those Seeking Reunion with Parents
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 1. Application Qualifications:

Unmarried children aged under 18 years old who come to China to live with their parents can apply for Permanent Residence in China if they meet the following conditions:

(1) One or both of their parents is or are Chinese citizen(s) and have household registration in China, or one or both of their parents is or are alien(s) with permanent residence status in China;

(2) Confirmed to have foreign nationality.

2. Required Materials

(1) Original and copy of applicant’s valid passport and visa;

(2) Original and copy of “Birth Certificate” or “Paternity Certificate” issued by public security and judicial organs;

(3) Original and copy of certificate of adoption shall be submitted in case of adoptive relations;

(4) Original and copy of identification card, certificate of household registration in Changsha, passport and proof of once acquired settlement eligibility in foreign countries of their Chinese parents;

(5) Original and copy of the Certificate of Permanent Residence of their parents of foreign nationality;

(6) Original and copy of Marriage Certificate, and where the parents are divorced, original and copy of proof of guardianship, such as court award, shall be submitted;

(7) Four recent 2-inch color photos, showing full-face with no hat, taken against a light blue background;

(8) Parents’ Employment Certificate, Income Certificate, and proof of personal duty payment for three years;

(9) Parent’s certificate of house leasing or property right of the house which have been notarized;

(10) One of the parent’s notarized deposit certificate (The amount shall be no less than 10 years’ minimum living allowance in Changsha City and can be frozen for over six months.)

(11) Applicant and parents’ CV (Parents’ CV shall have no gaps in the time between college and application; Children’s CV shall cover the time between birth and application and parents’ situation at the time of their children’s birth shall also be stated)

(12) Completed “Application Form of Aliens for Permanent Residence in China” (filled out in black ink by parents)

(13) Where the applicant is an overseas Chinese, proof of citizenship, the passport used for naturalization, and the certification of household registration write-off issued by police station shall be submitted;

(14) Other necessary evidences.

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