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What is "government procurement"?
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According to the applied provisions in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Government Procurement, "government procurement" refers to all of the purchasing activities conducted with fiscal funds by state administrative departments at all levels, institutions and social organizations when goods, construction and services concerned are listed in the Centralized Procurement Catalogue (CPC) published by the government procuring regulatory authority (GPRA) or value of which exceeds the respective Prescribed Procurement Thresholds (PPT) for goods, construction or services as applicable. The terms of "Procurement", "Goods" and "Construction" are specifically defined as follows. "Procurement" refers to activities conducted by means of contract and by which goods, construction or services are acquired for consideration, including but not limited to purchase, lease, entrustment and employment. "Goods" refers to objects of every kind or form, including but not limited to raw materials, fuel, equipment, and products. "Construction" refers to all work associated with construction, reconstruction, extension, decoration, demolition and repair or renovation of a building or structure.
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