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[687804] How are tourist areas and spots rated? Tourist areas and spots in China are classed in four categories, from 4A to A. The lower the number of As, the lower the importance of the site. Tourist sites are eval... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687803] How are hotels rated? Hotels are assessed according to five classes based on their services, building scale, inner decoration, facilities and equipment, and management. Hotels are star-rate... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687802] I want to know what are the new rules for foreigners to buy houses in China Hi,Jerry.We can provide you with an example on buying houses in Beijing as below: Foreigners who intend to buy a house in Beijing need a certificate issued by the Beij... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687800] What are the main FAQ on foreign-capital and joint investment enterprises?Thank you! (1) Is it permitted for Chinese individuals to establish an enterprise in Mainland China jointly with a foreign enterprise? It is not permitted for Chinese-natured per... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687799] How can I make international calls from my hotel? International calls and overseas calls to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), to the Macao SAR or Taiwan and to some International countries may be made... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687798] What laws and regulations should tourists abide by in traveling? In order to maintain traveling order and protect legal rights of tourists, tourists should conscientiously abide by relevant laws, rules and regulations formulated by ... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687797] Can enterprises (apart from joint stock enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises) adopt the new accounting regulations for 2003? Joint stock enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises and other enterprises can adopt the Enterprise Accounting Regulations. The approval from the Ministry of Finance ... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687632] What is "government procurement"? According to the applied provisions in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Government Procurement, "government procurement" refers to all of the purchasing a... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687631] What Chinese laws and regulations should be abided by, regarding foreign exchange trading? As stipulated in the Regulations on Foreign Exchange Control of the People’s Republic of China, foreign exchange trading must comply with the principle of being open,... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
[687630] Do teachers require a medical examination? Thanks for your consultation.Yes, they do. To be a teacher in China, he or she is required to show the health certificate to the related department of the school.  ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-19
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