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Hengyang Central Hospital
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2017-11-27 17:05:15 [A  A]




Introduction: In 1902, E.C.Peake, a Christian doctor from the London Missionary Society established Renji Hospital (It was the first protestant hospital, the first western medicine hospital in Hengyang, and also the birthplace of western medicine of the southern part of Hunan Province). In 1951, it was renamed "Hengyang Municipal the Second Hospital"; In 1968, it was renamed "the Second Hospital of Hengyang" and since 1991, the Hospital was called "Central Hospital of Hengyang". The Hospital is the affiliated hospital to Southern Medical University in Hengyang, with titles of "Outstanding Reliable Hospital in China", "Member of the Health Ministry`s International Emergency Service Network", "National Baby-Friendly Hospital" and is the base to Hengyang`s 120 emergency services. The hospital is the biggest hospital in Hengyang, with best medical equipments and facilities. It is a large comprehensive national Third-level A Type hospital providing services including medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and rehabilitation. The Hospital has 1500 beds and treats 400,000 emergencies each year. It has nearly 30,000 inpatients every year. It has won many awards including "Good Faith Unit", "Provincial Civilized Hospital", "National People`s Reliable Hospital", etc.
Add: No.12 Yancheng Road
Tel:  8275760 (for enquires)
      120 (for emergencies)

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