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Hengyang Foreign Language School
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:30:54 [A  A]

  The predecessor of our school is Nan Lu Formal School, which was established in 1908, and was renamed Hunan Daonan private middle school in 1915,a nd Hengyang No.11 middle school in 1958. In April 2000, our school was unlisted as Hengyang Foreign Language School, and is the only full-time international specialist school that is directly subordinate to Hengyang Education Bureau.

  Pursuing the aim to cultivate foreign language talents by applying special methods in foreign language teaching, our school has established a friendship tie with Canada Century School and later Hongkong Buckland Education Group. And due to strong experimental and demonstrative quality of foreign language characteristics and the outstanding performance of foreign language teaching, our school was approved to be “foreign language experimental school” and the national experimental base of middle school English reading and teaching of 21st Century Newspaper sponsored by China Daily Newspaper respectively by foreign language education research center of National Basic Education Experimental Center and China National Institute for Educational Research, and was acknowledged to be Hunan Foreign Language Experimental School by Hunan Education Institute.We also got to win the honor of Hunan Advanced Unit of Foreign Language Teaching, was elected the “Model School” and “Civilization Unit” in Hengyang in succession from 2001-2003, and was chosen to be “Hunan Council Unit of Mental Health Education”, “Hengyang Two-star Civilization Unit”, “Hengyang Experimental School of Modern Educational Technology”, “Hengyang Advanced Unit of Comprehensive management” successively in 2005.

  Our school is equipped with outstanding faculties.There are 155 teachers in total in our school,including 2 foreign teachers,1 with experience of education in England, 1 in Japan, 65 senior teachers and 72 first-grade teachers, and all of them possess rich teaching experiences. 158 teachers have won the first, second, and third prize in national,provincial and municipal teaching and research achievement competition,and there have emerged a large number of top teachers like Xiao Gongtang,Wang Lisheng, Zhao Ai`guo, Ou Yangjing and etc., among which young English teacher, Luo Jing, was sent to study Nottingham University in England on government sponsorship by Chinese Ministry of Education.

  The special teaching performance of our school is significant. Since 1997, our school has been hiring foreign teachers from different countries like England, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and etc..We have also held activities like English broadcasting, English corner, English Salon, and etc. Extensively. Brand new teaching concept and advanced teaching methods have increased students` interests in study, which leads to not only students` excellent performance in elementary courses but also in English study, and helps to improve their listening,speaking, reading, writing and translating skills very fast. In National English Speech Contest, a large number of students in our special classes has won prizes, among which Huang Zhiwei, in class 325, won the gold prize in the third National English Speech Contest for middle school students in Hunan competition area.And up to now we have selected and sent over 10 students to study abroad including Zhao Jing, Zheng Liang and etc..

  At the same time, our school, equipped with first-class teaching buildings, office buildings, laboratory buildings, school network, multimedia,classrooms,classrooms with computers connected with internet, and multi-functional audio classroom, and standardized sporting fields, students` dormitaries, and dining halls, is an ideal place to seek knowledge, and is also a superior platform for students to get in touch with the world. Zou Peng, the headmaster and Xie Yuanxiong, the secretary, together with the whole faculties and students warmly welcome every student to further your study in our school.

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