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Article List
[2618385] Party Committee of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education Studied
  On June 27 , Party Committee of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education studied Xi Jinping's ideological and scientific theoretical system of socialism with Chines... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-26
[2618381] Working Conference of Education Informatization Held in 2018
  In the morning of July 13 th, 2018, the city educational informatization work and the first basic education network master studio licensing conference was held in... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-26
[2618379] Provincial Department of Education Held a Special Seminar in Hengyang on the Condition Evaluation of Teacher Title in Technical Secondary Schools
  On June 29 , Wang Junliang, deputy director of the Department of Teacher Work and Normal Education of the Provincial Education Department, and his entourage came ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-26
[2575612] Hengyang Tax Administration Moot Court in University of South China
  On the morning of May 27th, the tax administration moot court, co-hosted by Publicity Ministry of Hengyang Municipal committee, Hengyang Local Taxation Bureau and... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-10
[1892252] Regulations of International Students' Graduate Study in China
  1. What’s the purpose of recruiting and training international students to study for a graduate degree in China? Which kinds of units have the right to recruit i... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[1892125] University of South China
  University of South China (hereafter USC or the University), is a comprehensive public university with a history of about 60 years, co-funded by Ministry of Indus... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[1892123] Hengyang Normal University
  Hengyang Normal University is a public university under the administration of People’s Government of Hunan Province, which is approved by Chinese Ministry of Edu... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[1892122] Hunan Institute of Technology
  Hunan Institute of Technology
  Add: No.18 Heng Hua Road Zhuhui District
  Tel: 0734-3452062
  Email: webmaster@hunp.edu.cn
  ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[702620] Hengyang Foreign Language School
  The predecessor of our school is Nan Lu Formal School, which was established in 1908, and was renamed Hunan Daonan private middle school in 1915,a nd Hengyang No.... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702619] The Situation of Vocational Education in Hengyang
  I. The general situation of vocational education in Hengyang.
  There are four vocational and technical colleges in Hengyang and it contains about 20 thousand s... ---- LastUpdate:2018-01-06
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