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Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau Secretly Investigated the Operating Condition of School Buses in the City
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:30:54 [A  A]


  Are school buses safe? Can students go to school and back home safe and sound? Those have been big matters in the minds of leaders of Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau since the beginning of the first semester of 2015. On March 4 in the morning, before 7:20 am., inspection groups, led by Zhou Faqing, director and secretary of Party Committee of Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau and composed of traffic police detachment, transportation management office, etc., successively came to main thoroughfares and school bus companies in four districts and New and Hi-tech Development Zone to secretly investigate the operating condition of school buses. Peng Tianwen, deputy director of Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau also joined in the investigation.

  At thoroughfares in Yanfeng District, Shigu, District, Zhengxiang District, Zhuhui District and New and Hi-tech Development Zone, the inspection group successively got on the school buses to check driving license, school bus plate, certification for security check, GPS record, handover procedures for students to and from campus, kids’ seat belt wearing, implementation of proctor’s responsibilities, safety facilities in school buses. In the process of inspection, no problem like overloading, illegal students transporting, driving without a license, no proctors in buses, no school bus plate was found out.

  For the problems like, opening school buses’ doors without following the rules and warning lights on, students not bucking up, expiration of the plate, students picking up record not being set in time required, the inspection group required the school buses related to have immediate rectification and implement all the rules of safety management for school buses in order to prevent any accident from happening.

  Then, Zhou Faqing and his delegation came to school bus companies in four districts and New and High-tech Zone and asked the head of those companies the installment of intelligent monitoring system for school buses. Knowing that part of school buses of a few companies haven’t connected to monitoring system, the inspection group immediately required them to have all buses connected to the monitoring system in two days and make sure no monitoring dead corners in the process of school buses’ operation. Zhou Faqing also required authorities concerned and schools in all districts and counties should pay high attention and carry out the safety work of school buses in a joint effort.

  It was also reported that Hengyang Municipal People’s Government would lead the comprehensive management office of Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau to deeply carry out secret inspection for safety management of school buses. The problems that have been found out would be informed in the whole city and would be rectified within the time limit.


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