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Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau Went Down to Schools to Survey on the Preparation for NCEE (National College Entrance Examination)
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:30:54 [A  A]


  There will be 44,422 students attending National College Entrance Examination in 2015. In order to gain an insight into the high schools’ preparation for the upcoming NCEE, to plan out the preparation work in the next phase and to encourage teachers and students who work hard for NCEE, on March 10 in the morning, Wan Heseng, deputy director of Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau, Wang Xiaojiang, chief of basic education section of Hengyang Municipal Bureau, and Zhu Weicheng, head of Hengyang Municipal Institute of Education Science and his delegation went to Hengyang NO.1 High school and surveyed on their preparation for NECC.

  During the survey, Wan Heseng and his delegation visited classes of senior students’ and exchange with the teachers who just gave their lectures, giving instructive advise on how to improve pertinence and effectiveness of classes, how to deal with handouts and textbooks, etc.

  Then they held a forum on teaching in senior grade, focusing on analyzing and mapping out the current preparation for NECC. Wan Heseng praised the good job on the early preparation for NECC that teachers of Hengyang NO.1 High School did, the clear teaching ideals, the specified goals, the appropriate methods and the good condition of teachers and students. In order to do well in the preparation of the next phase, he emphasized that eight jobs should be done. First, the teachers should make a clear goal and make every effort to obtain a higher result. Second, the responsibilities should be implemented. The school should make a fine management, leaving no dead corners. Third, the school should beautify the environment and make sure a quiet and comfortable place for students. Forth, the school should create a inspiring atmosphere for teachers and students. Fifth, the school should make plans scientifically for every day and carry them out. Sixth, the teachers should get themselves well prepared to give effective lessons, raising the quality of review lessons. Seventh, the school should take full use of team work to tackle the difficulties. Eighth, the school should carry out the work as a whole, study student’s learning condition and strengthen classified guidance.

  During the forum, Wang Xiaojiang commended that on the premise of general preparation for NECC, Hengyang NO.1 High School achieved significant results in exploring and seeking innovation and efficiency. He also urged the leading group of NECC preparation to further strengthen the study of review strategy, to carefully choose teaching material and avoid exercise-stuffed teaching method, leaving students enough time for independent study and reflection. Zhu Weicheng commented this inspection thaat the school should further increase teaching and reviewing efficiency.

  The headmaster Li Zhonghui said that they would integrate the valuable suggestions made by the inspection group, and seriously examine the problems, optimize the plan for NECC preparation with key points highlighted, difficulties broken though, and blind spots covered, increasing the efficiency of the next round preparation. All members of the leading group of NECC preparation and the leading group of senior grade attended the meeting, and made a brief report of the preparation for NECC.

  In the next phase, Hengyang Municipal Education Bureau and the Education Science Institute will further strengthen the supervision for NECC and Academic Profiency Test with more solid and effective preparation to strive for another success of these two tests.


Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
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