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Mobilization Meeting of High School Proficiency Test and Comment Meeting of the First Joint Examination for Would-be University Entrance Examiners in Hengyang in 2015 Held
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:30:54 [A  A]

  Recently, mobilization meeting of High School Proficiency Test and comment meeting of the first Joint Examination for students in grade 3 in high school were hold in Hengyang Education Bureau. Zhou Faqing, the Director of Hengyang Education Bureau and the Secretary of the Party Committee in Hengyang, attended the meeting and made a speech. Wan Hesen, Deputy Director of Hengyang Education Bureau, Deputy Directors of Education Bureau in charge of teaching in areas and counties, head of the Teaching and Research Section, principals of senior high schools and people chiefly in charge of Basic Education Department and Educational Science Institute also presented at the meeting.

  In 2014, the basic education in Hengyang had achieved concrete results. For example, the implement of small-class teaching obtained apparent effect; the number of the students qualifying ordinary university ranked second in Hunan province; juvenile education work won the "national advanced" honorary title. These achievements were praised in the work report reported at the Municipal Economic Work Conference in 2015 by Li Yilong, Secretary of the Municipal Party committee, and the report on the work of the government delivered at the 4th Session of the 14th Hengyang Municipal People's Congress by Zhou Haibing, the Deputy Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Hengyang.

  Zhou circulated a comment about the first joint examination for students in grade 3 of senior high school and mobilized and deployed the work for preparing high school proficiency test in 2015. He stressed the following points.

  1.Strengthen the leadership

  The authoritative leadership of college entrance examination should be set up in areas and counties to play an administration and service role in Educational and Administrative Department, a research and guidance role in Teaching and Research Department and a demonstration and leading role of exemplary senior high school at provincial level.

  2.Create a good atmosphere

  Encourage students in grade 3 of senior high school to become confident and prepare the college entrance examination actively, and increase the incentives of college entrance examination.

  3.Identify the targets

   The number of the students qualifying ordinary university should stably rank second in Hunan province. The average score of high school proficiency test should tank to sixth in Hunan province.

  4.Formulate measures

  The relevant measures should be formulated to improve exam quality according to new ideas and effective methods.

  5.Implement measures

  Pay more attention to the management of teaching without general management, and implement detailed management to the students' learning life and psychological counseling.

  At last, Zhou concluded that the participants should carefully analyze the first joint examination and summarize the experience and lessons. In addition, everyone should be of one heart and work hard before the college entrance examination with all positive factors to give a satisfactory answer to the people of the city, the Party committee and government and the parents, and to reach new heights.


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