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The whole religious circles of Hengyang raises financial aid for 205 poor students
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 14:00:09 [A  A]

  Diaspora Outside Municipal Tourism have donated 0.713 million at the beginning of new term by guiding religious circles to carry out charity activities. Yesterday morning, the 2015th gold-autumn students-aid donation --”Five Religions Work Together to Help Poor Students “ ceremony was celebrated in Hengdong county. 205 excellent but poor students of good character and fine scholarship in HengYang received donation. Kangqiang, Deputy Director of Municipal People’s Congress, participated in this ceremony.

  This activity is one important part of the educational activity in religious system. That is, “Three Stricts”, which was advocated by Diaspora Outside Municipal Tourism. It is a mutual participation charity activity, in other words, ethnic and religious system of cadres and workers ,religious groups, religious staff and religious believers can take part in this activity.

  These lucky 205 poor students, some of them come from Tower Hill in Changning city, they are Yao nationality students; some of them come from small towns ,they are the most needy students; some of them live in community, but they are the children from low income families.

  Kangqiang called on the donation ceremony that religious apartments throughout the city need pay more attention to religious charity, and he hoped that other relevant apartments, social groups provide essential conveniences for such activities. To create a fine atmosphere for carrying such activities by working together ,and find the most appropriate pointcut and the most maximized bursting point for religious circles to serve for people, with enthusiasm and activity of social services.

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