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Article List
[702333] Lian Hu Square
  Lian Hu Square is basically a basin, centered by a lotus-petal-shaped artificial lake, a marble bridge on the lake as the highest spot, east and west divided by s... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702332] Xiang Jiang Mall Co., Ltd
  Wang Yi Group, growing out of Xiang Jiang Mall Co., Ltd, was a 1995-founded leading company in retailing business of Hengyang. It was registered to be a group com... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702331] Hengyang Mei Mei Shi Jie Commercial Plaza   Near the new building of Hengyang Yanfeng District Government, Hengyang Mei Mei Shi Jie Commercial Plaza is located at the intersection of Zhengxiang South Road, ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702329] Shopping Street in Hengyang NO.3--Nanyue Town
  Nanyue Town
  The historical Nanyue Town is at the foot of Hengshan Mount, not far away from Nanyue Grand Temple. Many local products and souvenirs of Buddhism,... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702328] Shopping Street in Hengyang NO.2--Heping Road Shopping Street
  Heping Road Shopping Street
  The street is divided into two parts: One in the southern part and the other in the northern part of Shigu District. Both sell clo... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702327] Shopping Streets in Hengyang NO.1--South and North Zhongshan Shopping Street
  South and North Zhongshan Shopping Street
  Situated in the central Hengyang, between Stone Drum Academy and Yanfeng Park, South and North Zhongshan Shopping St... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702317] Shopping Mall and Supermarket in Hengyang
  Jing Zhu Mall’s target customers are middle class urban residents. They sell world known brands and boutique fashion products including clothes, make-up, bags, ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702311] Shopping Malls and Supermarkets in Leiyang City
  Leiyang Supply and Sale Mansion
  Address: 97th East Wuyi Road, Leiyang City
  Contact: 0734-4353879(supermarket)
  0734-4328412(aftersale service)
  Leiy... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702318] New Shopping Mall in Hengyang--Taiyang Mall
  Characteristics: Low priced electrical home appliances on sale
  Add: Fu 83 N. Zhengxiang Rd., Hengyang
  Tel: (86)734-8832048 ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702316] New Taiyang Electronic Appliance Company Ltd
  Address: 43th North Zhengxiang Road, Hengyang City
  Contact: 8830556(office)
  8830148(aftersale service... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
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