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[2618371] Hengyang Lujia New District to Emerge as a New Landmark
  Recently, Hengyang once again released the signal of the development of high-tech zone ---supporting high-tech zones to create the park with national innovative c... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-26
[2618370] Xidu High-tech Industrial Park in Hengyang
  Hunan Hengyang Xidu High-tech Industrial Park was Hengyang Xidu Economic Development Zone in nature. It was established in 1992 and designated as a provincial dev... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-26
[2607922] World-Class Cultural Tourism Vacation Benchmark Establishing In Southern Hengyang
  Chejiang district in Hengnan county, located in suburb of the city, is the best choice for Hengyang people to get away from chaos and noises and close to nature a... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-14
[2607920] Hengyang logistics Park: a "Jumbo" Logistics Industry Thriving in the Southwestern Hengyang
  With every sunrise and sunset,Hengyuan Logistics Park in Qidong county runs with passion as quickly as the speed of the wheels.
  Seemingly boring statistics do... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-14
[1893354] About Hengshan Economic Development Zone
  Hengshan Economic Developmental Zone of provincial level was established in July 1992 with the approval of provincial government. The planned area of 3.5 square k... ---- LastUpdate:2018-09-18
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