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[1893436] Hengdong Industrial Park
  Hengdong Industrial Park, with a planned area of 19.82 km2, is located in Dapu Village of Hengdong County. Lying between Hengyang City and Hengdong County, it is ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[702302] A Brief Introduction to Baishazhou/Shenzhen Industrial Park
  Baisha/Shenzhen Industrial Park is the first industrial park co-constructed by a local municipal government in Hunan and a coastal region of China. It was establi... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[702301] About Hengyang Songmu Industrial Park
  Songmu Industrial Park is the largest industrial agglaomeration zone of brine halogen and fine chemicals in Central South China, and it was established under the ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[1893354] About Hengshan Economic Development Zone
  Hengshan Economic Developmental Zone of provincial level was established in July 1992 with the approval of provincial government. The planned area of 3.5 square k... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
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