Article List
[2394146] The Completion Suggestion of Hengyang Municipal Government on Further Widening Opening-up and Speeding the Open Economy Development
  All people’ government in all cities and counties, units directly under the municipal government, and all the national and provincial units... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2394145] Several Policy Provisions on Accelerating Hengyang City to Attract Investment (1) When any investor invests and sets up an enterprise in the City and needs to use land, preference shall be given to the land transfer fee payable (excluding land ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[1893336] Provisional Administrative Rules on the Overseas Wealth Management Business of Commercial Banks on Behalf of Their Clients
  Chapter 1 General Provisions
  Article 1 These Rules are formulated according to relevant laws and administrative rules so as to regulate the overseas wealth ma... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[702222] Foreign Trade Law of the People`s Republic of China   (No. 15)   The Foreign Trade Law of the People`s Republic of China was amended and adopted at the eighth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[702220] Guiding Suggestion from Commerce Department for Foreign Investment Invitation in 2013
  [Issuing unit] Commerce Department of China
  [Issuing number] Business Release [2013] 82
  [Issuing time] 2013-3-14
  All Commerce Department of all provin... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[702219] Administrative License
  1The Archival Filing and Registration of Foreign Trade Operators
  Legal Basis:
  (1)Measures on the Archival Filing and Registration of Foreign Trade Operato... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[702217] Hengyang Implementation Rules for Rewarding Investment Attractors
  In order to carry out spirit of Measures for Hengyang Municipal People’s Government to Reward Investment Attractors (for Trial Implementation) (No. 2 HZF [2006])... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
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