Article List
[2394139] Procedures for Title Transfer
  1. Forms of Title Transfer
  The state-owned title transfer may be conducted in such forms as bidding, auction, agreement and in other forms approved by the sta... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2394138] How to invest through Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
  China’s A shares will for the first time be available to international retail investors, when a “through train” liking the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2394137] Modification registration of a branch (administrative offices) of foreign-funded enterprises
  Modification of company name
  1. Modification registration application form for branches (administrative offices) of foreign invested enterprises;
  2. Resol... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2394136] Registration of Environment Protection
  (Any construction project with foreign investment shall go through the following formalities.)
  1. For construction projects having a comparatively large impac... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2394135] Filing registration for foreign-funded enterprises
  Filing registration application form for foreign-funded enterprises the modification of company name
  1. Application for modifications (filing) of registration... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[1893318] Foreign Processing and Production Enterprise Registration Examination and Approval System
  Approving Object: Application for dealing with foreign processing and production enterprise registration
  Approving Authority: Enterprise Administration Sectio... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-28
[1893315] Alteration of the Registration Certificate for the Delivery and Receipt of Imp.& Exp. Cargoes
  Approving Object: The enterprise which applies for handling the alternation to the Registration Certificate for the delivery and receipt of Imp.& Exp. cargoes
 ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[702215] Registration of foreign-funded companies in China
  Documents required for registration of foreign-funded companies:
  1. Registration application form for companies;
  2. Branch company’s application for join... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[702214] Modification registration of foreign-funded enterprises in China
  Documents for the modification registration of foreign-funded enterprise group
  1. Modification registration application form for enterprise groups;
  2. Mod... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[702213] Modification registration of resident representative offices of foreign (region) enterprises
  Modification of company name
  1. Modification registration application form for resident representative offices of foreign (region) enterprises;
  2. Approva... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
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