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[2713178] Abundant Mineral Resources
  Hengyang is abundant in mineral resources and has got fames as “Land of Non-ferrous Metals” and “Land of Non-Metals”. So far more than 50 kinds of minerals ha... ---- LastUpdate:2019-03-05
[2713177] Wildlife and Plants
  Hengyang is abundant in the resources of wild animals and plants. It is known that Hengyang has more than 200 species of wildlife, including 30 species of wild an... ---- LastUpdate:2019-03-05
[702135] Land Resources
  Hengyang’s area is about 15303 km, which is about 15 , 303,000 hectares. In the total area, cultivated land covers an area of 375864.31 hectares, about 24.561% o... ---- LastUpdate:2019-03-05
[702134] Soil
  There are basically two different types of soil in Hengyang, namely, zonal soil and non-zonal soil, including 9 classes, 20 subclasses, 85 families, 261 species a... ---- LastUpdate:2019-03-05
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