The Ground Grid-Connected PV Power Station Project worth 2 billion yuan settle in Qidong
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  Recently, informed by Investment Promotion Bureau of Qidong  power station project jointly invested by Hunan Tianhe Solar Energy Electricity Developing Limited Company and Hunan Jiusheng New Energy Technology Limited Company settled in Qidong county, with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan.  

  The project is one of the major signatory projects of Qidong county this year. Du Dengfeng, the Magistrate of Qidong county attended the signing ceremony in the flesh and gave an important speech on June 24. The persons in charge from departments like Qidong County Government Office, County Development Zone, County  Bureau of Investment Promotion, County Bureau of Land and Resources , County Bureau of Forestry , County Commission of Development and Reform, County Bureau of Housing and County Bureau of Electricity , County Bureau of Office Affairs, Shitingzi town, Baidi town and all attended the signing ceremony.

  The construction period of the project is 3 years and the project covers an area of 5000 acres, taking a means of expropriating and leasing land together, which is done by stages and in groups. The first phase of construction is mainly three items: Shitingzi town 20MW and Baidi town 20MW farm light complementary distributed PV power station, Guiyang industrial zone standardized workshop 4MW distributed rooftop PV power station and the County Government Office Building 300KW distributed rooftop PV power station.

 Du Dengfeng warmly welcomed every entrepreneurs from Hunan Tianhe Solar Energy Electricity Developing Limited Company and Hunan Jiusheng New Energy Technology Limited Company to visit Qidong and also thanked entrepreneurs genuinely for their choosing to invest in Qidong and congratulated the successful signing of project as well. Du Dengfeng stressed that it is a pleasure to invite such good companies to invest in Qidong,  which is a blessing of Qidong people and Qidong county will cherish this cooperation opportunity, strictly follow the faith “keep integrity, and seek win-win” to push forward the program construction quickly, and set up professional groups to do a good job of “counterpart links” and promote preliminary work of the project so that the construction of project will be accomplished as soon as possible. Du Dengfeng required relevant functional departments which participated in the signing ceremony to fulfill their duties, devote the county effort to improving project coordination and service work and ensure that the project construction will start on schedule. All attended person in charge of relevant functional departments made a statement of their position.

  Reportedly, Hunan Tianhe Solar Energy Electricity Developing Limited Company is the subsidiary of Tianhe Trina Solar Limited Company, whose headquarter is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province. It is a leading enterprise of PV power industry which has come to market in New York Stock Exchange and has strong economic strength and market developing capacity, which is spoke highly of by the same industries in the world for its business concept “integrity, win-win and development” , new management mode together with highly perfect of technology.

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