Project Signed on Soil Remediation and Ecological Construction of Shuisong Area, Changning City
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  On July 22, the project signing ceremony on soil remediation and ecological construction of Shuisong area was held greatly in a conference room on the third floor of Changning city government. Changning Municipal Standing Committee of the CPC committee, Director of the Municipal Committee Zhang Bin, cadres at the county level of Municipal Government Li Caifa, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government Zhang Xin, Vice President of Municipal Political Consultative Confernce Wu Zhichu, president of Hunan Xishi Eco-Technology Limited Company lady Zhang Wei and so on attended the signing.

 On the ceremony, Zhang bin, representing municipal committee and government, gave the cadres and guests attended the signing ceremony a warm welcome and expressed heartfelt congratulations to the launch of soil remediation and ecological construction project in Shuisong area. The project controls site heavy metal pollution through ecology restoring, which meets ecological greenland requirements and eliminates the impact of site heavy metal pollution on surrounding residents’ health as well as the quality threat of Zeng Jiaxi and Hunan river water. It is of great significance for promoting regional sustainable development and the signing of cooperation agreements makes remediation of soil contaminated by heavy metal and ecological construction of Shuisong area in our city take a solid step forward.

 It is learnt that the construction site of soil remediation and ecological construction project of Shuisong area is situated in shuikoushan area. It exerts ecological remediation on soil contaminated by heavy metals along the Zeng Jiaxi land Ⅰ and land Ⅱ which covers about 2000 acres. After reaching the standard of remediation, one part of the land will be used for ecological restoration of public greenbelts construction while another part of the land is used for the construction of efficient eco-forestry demonstration area.


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