Hengyang Trying To Create Good Environment For Investors
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  In the afternoon of February 24th, Li Yilong, the secretary of municipal Party committee and director of the municipal standing committee had a cordial meeting with Hu Zhirong, chairman of United World Chinese Assosicasion and his escorts. He said that, Hengyang is trying its best to provide investors with a good human, political and social environment to make them feel secured and satisfied when they come to invest in Hengyang.  

  Li firtly welcomed Hu and his escorts to visit and investigate in Hengyang, and then passionately recommended Hengyang. He said that, Hengyang is an old industrial base as well as a big agricultural city with convenient transportation, rich resources, profound culture and good ecological environment. Currently, aiming at building up an industrial heartland, a cultural city, tourist attraction and a livable city and trying very hard to completing the general city layout of "one river with two banks", "9 bridges and 4 ring roads", "industry in south and tourism in north", "literature in east and commerce in west", "3 hirizontal and 4 longitudinal lines", "connecting up the main and auxiliary road", "extending in both east and north", and "cleaning the water and mountain", Hengyang is implementing the general strategy of "leading by opening", "putting foundation in the first place", "strengthening industry and agriculture”, and “developing creatively” according to the requirements of “raising the bar and building an upgraded version of city", in an attempt to finding the glory and pride back as being the second largest city of Hunan Province. He expressed his hope that the United World Chinese Assosicasion can exercise its extensive influence in building a bridge between Hengyang and more investors of high quality, which can become an aid to the development of Hengyang. Meanwhile, Hengyang sticks to the principles of honesty, mutual-benefiting and double wins, and spares no effort to create a good human, political, and social environment to make investors feel secured and satisfied when they come to invest in Hengyang. 

  Hu said that Hengyang has politically stable and harmonious environment and a promising future for development. The United World Chinese Assosicasion will strongly support the development of Hengyang, publicize Hengyang to world continuously, and promote more communication and cooperation between Hengyang and investors in a multifaceted way to achieve mutual benefiting and a win-win situation. The United World Chinese Assosicasion think highly of the location superiority and development space of Hengyang, and is going to make full use of its advantages in culture, tourism, electronic products and etc. fields to promote cooperation projects and contribute both intelligence and strength to the economic and social development of Hengyang.

  As a worldwide community whose members are mostly overseas Chinese, the United World Chinese Assosicasion was established in August, 1992, in Hongkong. It is now the largest and most extensive non-governmental organization of overseas Chinese with over 6 million members, and investment covering 160 countries and regions. With the purpose of “searching peace, friendship and development”, the organization has played a role in ralling strength of over 50 million overseas Chinese, and promoting Chinese civilization. Up to now, the organization has managed to promote cooperation worth millions of dollars among Chinese businessmen from different countries in the world, and helped to set up over 5,000 foreign-invested corporations and joint ventures successfully in China, and organized more than 400 times of global commercial activities.

  Luo Donghai, a member of Municipal Standing Committee and secretary general of municipal party committee, also attended the meeting.

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