Two Hours Cost from Hengyang to Huaihua with Huai-Shao-Heng Railway Opening to Traffic
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  It is heard from the railway department that the primary design of Huai-Shao-Heng railway has got approval from China railway Engineering Corporation and Hunan Provincial Government. The preparation work will start from the end of June and the whole project will be completed within one and half year. After Huai-Shao-Heng railway opening to traffic, it will cost less than 2 hours from Huai Hua to Heng Yang. At least 5 hours can be saved if this line is chosen other than the old line.

  Huai-Shao-Heng railway is a east-to-west railway going from Huai Hua to Shao Yang and Heng Yang, which winds through 14 counties( cities and areas), including Hecheng District, Zhongfang County, Hongjiang City, Dongkou County, Longhui County, Shaoyang County, Beita District, Daxiang District, Shuangqing District, Shaodong County, Hengyang County, Shigu District, Zhuhui District and Heng Nan County. 16 stations will be set on Huai-Shao-Heng Railway, including Huai Hua south station, An Jiang, Dong Kou, Long Hui, Shao Yang, Shao Dong, Yan Jialong and so on.

  Huai-Shao-Heng Railway is a national railway ranking Level One, whose construction length is 318 kilometers. The designed driving speed of the passenger train is 200 kilometers/hour. The planned transport capacity is 50 pairs of vans everyday. The freight is 50 million tons every year, and the total investment is 3,240 billion yuan. This project had been approved by National Development and Reform Commission on December 14, 2013. China Railway Corporation has initially planned to invest 250 billion yuan and start construction at the end of June this year.

  Huai-Shao-Heng Railway connects Shang Hai-Kun Ming channel, Jiao Zuo-Liu Zhou railway, Chong Qing-Huai Hua railway in the west, encounters with Luo Zhan railway in Shao Yang city, connects Bei Jing-Guang Zhou channel and Heng Chaji railway in the east, and links with Gan Zhou-Long Yan railway and Long Yan-Xia Men railway by Heng Jicha railway. It will make Northwest District, Southwest District and West Coast Economic Zone, Pearl River Delta closer. It will also help accelerate the exploration of tourism resource and mineral resource in the area along Huai-Shao-Heng railway and it can preferably carry on the industrial transformation of West Coast Economic Zone and Pearl River Delta.

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