Two Highways to be Added into Hengyang Traffic Framework
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   Recently, two new highways, namely Hengyang-Guiyang Highway and Nanyue Highway,  have been completed and been opened to the public transportation. Hengyang-Guiyang Highway is one branch of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway, which is from Hengyang City to Guiyang City, the capital of Guizhou Province covering 95.1 kilometers with a 37.22 kilometer bi-direction 6 lane connecting subline to Xintian. 7.17 billion RMB has been invested into the construction of the highway. The main lane of Nanyue Highway covers 51.82 kilometers with bi-direction and 4 lanes in which 2.51billion RMB has been invested. Nanyue Highway is the only highway in Hunan Province through which scenic spots can be accessible.

   With the opening of these two highways, the traffic on the direction from North to South in Hengyang has been greatly improved, and the traffic pressure of Beijing-Zhuhai Highway can be relieved. In addition, the drive time from the downtown of Hengyang to Nanyue can be shortened, which will assist the tourism industry in Nanyue District and greatly upgrade the location advantage of the tourism resource in Hengyang.

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