Postal Service, Communication and Logistics
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There is an advanced, wide and digital communication system covering all the urban and rural areas in Hengyang. According to the statistics in 2008, the value of business transactions of postal and telecommunication services adds up to 5,250 million Yuan. There are more than 300 million fixed telephones. In every 100 residents there are 43.34 telephones on average, and telephone service covers all the administrative villages. Hengyang Post Bureau and its branches provide daily postal services and EMS services. The main express companies, such as Yuantong, Shentong, Zhongtong, has extended their mail and delivery services to Hengyang and are available every day. Logistics services are mainly provided by several big logistics companies in Hengyang, such as, Xingsha Logistics Corporation, Hengqi Group, Wantong Logistics Corporation, and so on. The total value of logistic business is about 18.87 billion Yuan, taking up 18.5% of the GDP in Hengyang.
The coverage of water and electricity supply in Hengyang is 100%. The total installed capacity of hydroelectric power station is more than 142.39 kilowatts, and the annual amount of generated electricity is over 6.42 billion kilowatt-hour. There are 84 transformer substations of 35 KVA, 17 transformer substations of 110 KVA and 3 transformer substations of 220 KVA in Henygang. Leiyang County Power Plant is the largest thermal power plant in Hunan province with an installation capacity of over 1 million kilowatts. There are 4 water plants respectively in Zhuhui District, Yanfeng District, Shigu District and Yanwuping, providing water to every corner of the city through the water distribution system. The total supply of water is over 70 million tons each year.

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