Traffic and Transportation
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Hengyang, well-known for its fame of “transportation hub” and “strategic point”, has an improved system of convenient and fast transportation. Jingguang Railway (Beijing to Guangzhou) and Xianggui Railway intersect here, which connects Hunan province and Guangxi province. Wuhan�Guangzhou High-Speed Railway runs across the east part of the city, and it takes only 2 hours to travel from Hengyang to Guangzhou by high-speed train. A new railway called Hengchaji Railway, which connects Hengyang, Chaling County and Ji’an City in Jiangxi province, is being constructed and will be completed in 2012. Several Expressways and national highways, namely, Jingzhu Expressway (Beijing to Zhuhai), Hengzao Expressway ( Hengyang city to Zaomupu Village of Yongzhou), Hengda Expressway (Hengyang City to Dapu Town), Hengshao Expressway (Hengyang City to Shaoyang City) and Hengyan (Hengyang city to Yanling County), Hengyue Expressway (Hengyang to Yueyang), National Highway No.107 and No.322, run across and intersect in Hengyang. It takes only 2 hours to reach Huanghua Airport and Nanyue Airport which is being built in Hengnan County and will be completed in 2011.There are the Xiang River, the Lei River and the Zheng River in the territory of Hengyang and they bring this area convenient waterway transportation all the year round.


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