The Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress conducted the investigation of Two Regulations in Hengyang
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   From August 10 to August 11, Wang Kemin, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, led the investigation group came to Hengyang to conduct the research of the Regulation on Religious Affairs an the Regulation on Religious Affairs in Hunan Province. Shi Guangming, the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee for Ethnic Groups and Overseas Chinese, and Xie Hongzhi, the secretary of Party Committee of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and the executive deputy director, participated in the investigation.
  It is known that Hengyang is the pilot city to conduct the work of religion affairs. It has 16 city-level and county-level patriotic religious organizations and 481 registered religious sites. Since the enactment and implementation of the Regulation on Religious Affairs and the Regulation on Religious Affairs in Hunan Province by the State Council, we have attached great importance to the promotion and implementation of two regulations. We have earnestly carried out the party’s religious policy, enhanced the management of religious affairs in accordance with the law and actively guided religion in line with harmonious socialist society. The order of religious affairs, normal religious activities and stability of religious people has played a positive role in the social and economic development as well as the maintenance of social stability.
  The investigation group went to the religious sites such as the Grand Temple in Mount Heng, Huangting Abbey, Fuyan Temple and Kundao Academy. During the symposium, Wang Kemin fully affirmed the achievements regarding the two regulations. He pointed out that the awareness of the responsibility must be strengthened to address the importance of religious affairs work. All thoughts and actions must be centered on the deployment and decisions of the central government. The initiative of religious people must be brought into full play to ensure that religion develops with Chinese characteristics. The Chinese cultural connotation of religion must be enhanced to guide the development of religion in line with that of modern Chinese society so that we can better serve for the broad mass of religious people. The fine traditions and experiences must be carried forward to level up the legalization of religion affairs work so as to promote positive energy. By doing so, the harmony and stability in religious field could be maintained and the social economic development of our city could be push forward.

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