Guests Invited to 2016 International Tour Operators Conference and Hunan Tourism Festival
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  On September 15, more than 40 guests including Korean traveling salesmen and journalists of 2016 international tour operators conference and Hunan tourism festival went to Mount. Heng for a two-day on-the-spot inspection. They had a great view of ancient temples and the famous mountain.
  The delegation paid a visit to the Grand Temple of Mount Heng known as the Little Imperial Palace of Southern China. They were amazed by the magnificent structure, long history and packed tourists of the temple and uttered sighs of admiration unceasingly, especially awed by the harmonious coexistence of Buddhism and Taoism.
  After that, the delegation made their way to the central scenic spot that consists of Martyry, Rub-the-Mirror, Nantai Temple and Zhurong Peak. A thorough explanation in Martyry gave them a further understanding of rich historical connotation and practical significance of the anti-Japanese memorial. The legend of Rub-the-Mirror, secret passages of He Residence and picturesque scenery were beyond their praise.
  The delegation spoke highly of the abundant tourism and cultural resource as well as the construction of infrastructure after their visit to Nantai Temple and Zhurong peak. They said they would promote Mount Heng vigorously to attract more international tourists who pray for blessings.
  It is understood that Mount Heng has become one of the most favored travel destinations of foreign tourists as the increasingly enhanced infrastructure in tourist attraction, convenient transportation, strengthened promotion, all-people participation and gradual progress of region-based tourism. Korean tourists are on the increase year by year with the communication and cooperation with Korean traveling salesmen. This visit has laid a solid foundation for the expansion of international market and the wide cooperation in the coming years for Mount Heng.

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