"Characteristic Town Development Alliance" visit tourism projects in Hengyang
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  October 18 afternoon, "characteristic town development alliance" Investment Fair was held in Hengyang, Hengyang Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee Secretary-General Zhang Hewen attended the meeting, welcomed the arrival of businessmen, and invite them to value investment and industry.
  It is reported that the "characteristic town development alliance" established by the Shanghai Changwu Investment Group, Zhejiang Wanzhenxing Investment Development Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises officers. They went to Binjiang New Area, the Yanta, Yumu Mount and other projects respectively to make on-site visits, and made detailed visits to the old towns in Wild Goose Pagoda and Yumu Mountain Area as well as Dili Temple, the proposed salt bath resort and other key tourism projects about their development plans and current development situations.
  At the fair, the proposed investment businessmen stated their opinions about  leader plan of the characteristic town, the characteristics of the industrial fund background town, real estate new form, characteristic town's operations and resource planning and other aspects from the non-subjective thinking, and then communicate with participants with advanced and scientific tourism development concept as well as domestic policy, international tourism development situations.
  Zhang said that Hengyang has rich tourism resources, sound environment and rich cultural heritage, but has not yet been fully developed. Take the Riverside New Area, the Yannan New Town and the Yumu Mountain for example,three of them have strong historical and cultural backgrounds, such as Tseng Kuo-fan’s former residence for drilling and Dili cultures.
  Zhang Hewen proposed that we should take the intangible cultural heritage as the theme, tourism as functions, brands as the foundation and the modern investment and financing as the focus, then grasp the present opportunities so as to fully tap and development of Hengyang culture, promote the depth of industrial integration, then form the Hengyang culture town Reconstruction projects for cluster construction, and to create Hengyang tourism culture brand.
  Vice Mayor of Hengyang Wang Hongbin accompanied the visit.

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