A global tourism development master plan briefing held in Hengyang
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  On the afternoon of December 2, Hengyang held a global tourism development master plan (2016-2030) briefing. Hengyang Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhou Nong stressed that we should take the Nanyue, the central city and county (city) area as the focus,make the preparation of the city's global tourism development plan in high standards so as to further highlight the forward-looking planning,demonstrate the characteristics of planning,enhance the convergence of planning, pay attention to the integration of planning, improve the operational plan so as to lead the city's tourism economy to supplement the shortcomings of the work and to create Hengyang as an international tourism destination.
  May 2015, Hengyang has officially launched the development of tourism development rules, and through a public tender to determine a planning and design company in Beijing which is responsible for planning tasks. To the end of last month,it has formed the“the manuscript of the overall plan for the development of tourism (2016 a 2030) in Hengyang.
  At the meeting, Zhou Nong listened to the overall planning process, the main contents of the overall tourism planning and other related reports, as well as the views and suggestions. He required that the plan should be continued to improve on the basis of the extensive solicitation, and earnestly absorption of people’s views.
  Zhou Nong said that the implementation of global tourism strategy,and the construction of tourism power is the major arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and State Council. The province in the first half of this year has held a special tourism development conference,deploring the implementation of the global tourism strategy. Provincial Eleventh Party Congress report proposed to build a global tourism base which reputed by the brand”fairview Xiaoxiang”and to build a well-known tourist destination. Hengyang is abundant in tourism resources, with  unique advantage of developing and expanding tourism industry easily, but the current advantage has not been fully exploited. Fully prepared the overall planning of global tourism development is an important measure to fill the city's tourism economy short board.
  Zhou Nong stressed that we should make full preparation for global tourism development plan on the basis of seizing the three key areas, namely, the Nanyue, the central city and county (city) district,so as to lead the city tourism economy to supplement the shortcomings of the work,and make Hengyang as an international tourist destination.
  To further highlight the forward-looking of the planning, the concept should be new, the vision should be wide, the station should be high. It is necessary to foothold on the current, but also focus on the long term; and it is necessary to stand in Hengyang, but also look at the world, so that the planing can really embody and grasp the direction and trend of tourism development. To further demonstrate the characteristics of planning,we should make in-depth analysis of Hengyang's history and culture, resource endowment,location advantages, market potential, industry characteristics and then work out Hengyang regional tourism planning according to its local conditions.
  To further enhance the convergence of planning, the city's global tourism development plan should closely align with Hunan regional tourism development plan, the city's national economic and social development "thirteen five" plan, the city tourism "thirteen five" development plan and the municipal government "on the implementation of Global tourism strategy to speed up the construction of tourism strong city decision ", as well as cultural city protection planning and other special plannings so as to achieve “ multiple regulations become as an one” We should also further our focus on planning integration,make comprehensive considerations,and then push forward the integration of tourism and modern service industry, new urbanization, ecological protection, improvement of people's livelihood, poverty alleviation and other work so as to enhance the comprehensive effect of tourism. We should also promote the integrated development of tourism and ecology, culture, science and technology, the Internet and the finance so that we can constantly develop new forms of tourism products.
  To further improve the operational plan,the key point is to make a sound foundation in project supporting, further enrich and improve the global tourism project bank, and strive to put the planning ideas and ideas into every tourism projects, while struggling for more tourism projects entering into the provincial and country project cage,then to get greater support.
  Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Zhang Hewen presided over the meeting, the city leaders Luo Donghai, Liu Lihua, Liao attended the meeting.

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