Hengjiang Wetland Park project started yesterday
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  "I announced that the Hengjiang Wetland Park project started!" Yesterday morning, in Hengyang County Zhangmu Township Taxing Village, with the party secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Zhou Nong’s order, the applause emerged suddenly and the machine began to roar. After more than a year of careful preparation, provincial and municipal key projects Hengjiang wetland park project officially started. The project is located in the city of Shigu District Hengjiang River downstream and Xiangjiang interchange, being built according to the national wetland park standards. After the built, it will feature wetland protection, beautiful villages, leisure and tourism in one, and will become a new bright spot of Hengyang. Municipal deputy secretary and mayor Zhou Haibing attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.
  Zhou Haibing pointed out that the Hengjiang Wetland Park project is an important measure to implement the requirements of the "Key Project" of Xiangjiang River, which is the implementation of the provincial government. It is a major infrastructure project and livelihood project for urban and rural development and optimization of human settlements. The construction of the project will exert deep and positive impacts on Hengyang construction industry villages, ecological villages, promotion of the integration of development, and green development.
  Zhou Haibing required that the city directly related departments should shoulder their responsibilities and take the overall situation into considerations, closely coordinated with each other and simplify the work process so as to strengthen quality services. Meanwhile, Hengyang County, Shigu District Government and Songmu Economic Zone Management Committee should strengthen the management, work positively to deal with the project levy and contradiction mediation work so as to create a good construction environment. Project owners, supervision and construction units must establish a strong sense of quality, strictly ensure the engineering quality and safety, and make Hengjiang wetland park a construction demonstration area of the urban and rural areas among the whole province.
  It is reported that Hengjiang Wetland Park project involves Shiju District, Songmu Economic Zone, Hengyang County, covering an area of about 1000 hectares, of which 400 hectares in the urban area, 600 hectares in Hengyang County, with a total investment of about 1.6 billion. The whole project will be competed in 2021 and it will possess the protection of wetlands, beautiful villages, leisure and tourism in one. The overall layout of the project is "two parks and four towns", namely Hengjiang Wetland Park, Zhangmu Forest Park, Xiangjiang Zhangmugu town, creative pastoral town, original rural culture town, fruitful pine town. Construction includes wetland conservation, ecological management, ancient town renovation, Xiangjiang cultural scenery, flood control, road and parking and other supporting infrastructure.
  After the opening ceremony, Zhou Nong, Zhou Haibing and other leaders also made  filed studies in Zhangmu ancient street,and wetland protection areas.
  Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Chen Jing presided over the groundbreaking ceremony. City leaders Duan Zhigang, Luo Donghai, Zhang Hewen, Zhou Xiaoyun, Li Ping, Li Hui attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

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