Tourism projects push forward the tourism development of Hengyang
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  Hengyang has closely complied with the requirements of establishing the tourism city, given the resources full play, accelerated the development and construction of tourism spots, and made efforts to improve the tourism infrastructure. By doing these, tourism industry has made great headway and the tourism economy has kept a good momentum of stable increase.
  Located near the Hengyang high-speed rail way station, Li Bo international hotel has a total investment of 1.1 billion, with its area reaching to 246 mu and its construction area 160,000 square kilometers. Entering into the construction site, we can find that the waterfall landscape at the very first sight which is under the construction, and workers are work carefully to embed the cement slabs in the pool so as to form imitation rock effect.
  According to reports, this project designed a total of waterfall, static and fountain-style three water features, after the built, this hotel based on the hill at the back and overlooking the river, possess the unique charm of ecological leisure resort and the panoramic view of the river. The hotel is located in the north and south of the two districts, the Southern District for the business hotel, golf training hall, villa area; North for the five-star hotel, banquet center, central landscape square. At present, the project has completed the main project of the building, road, drainage and underground pipe network, parking lot and other facilities and equipment. The greening and water features project has been completed 70%, and the firefighting and interior decoration has completed 50%.
  Zhang Zhenxing, general manager of the project said that the reason why this hotel had selected Hengyang is that its Hengyang’s tourism industry development advantages, in addition to the unique Nanyue Hengshan, as well as the War Memorial City, Luo Ronghuan former residence and a number of red tourist attractions,  Hengyang also have high-speed rail, the airport's three-dimensional transport network, which makes Hengyang's tourism development advantages more obvious.
  The next step of the project will focus on improving the infrastructure construction, to create an integrated tourism projects which combines food, housing, entertainment and enjoy so as to truly attract the visitors and keep them. Libo International Hotel is a microcosm of the city's tourism project. This year, Hengyang has a total of 23 tourism key projects entered into the modern service industry key projects, with a total investment of 33.68 billion yuan. Among them, Hujing Hengnan Rhine water sports culture resort town project completed investment of 480 million yuan; Nanyue Tianzishan fire culture park completed investment of 139 million yuan; Nanyue South City Tourism Resort project completed investment 67.74 million yuan; Wave international hotel project completed investment 74610000 yuan; Changning City Yan Chi Hill Park completed investment of about 127 million yuan.
  At the same time, the city's tourism industry development tended to increase  during the first three quarters, receiving a total of 43,657,600 domestic and foreign tourists, and achieving comprehensive tourism income of 29.26 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 11.75% and 23.84%, attracting domestic tourists 4362.14 million, an increase of 11.66 %; and then achieving tourism revenue 28.46 billion yuan, an increase of 23.52%. It received an inbound tourists 36,200 people, an increase of 3.81%, achieving tourism income 1120.1 million, an increase of 3.39%,  ranking in the forefront of the province.
  The next stage, Hengyang will aim to build the goal of international tourism destination, further deepen the potential of tourism resources, improve the tourism product structure, lengthen the tourism industry chain, and fill the tourism economy short board. What’s more, it will strive to make a breakthrough in the number of tourists, exceeding 56 million in 2016, and the total tourism revenue 37 billion yuan so as to accelerate the city's economic and social development.


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