Hengyang signed the strategic cooperation structure agreement with Hunan Space Administration
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  In the morning of 26th July, Aerospace Kai Tian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. unveiling and strategic cooperation signing activities was held in Changsha. The vice governor of the provincial government Zhang Jianfei, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Party secretary and chairman Gao Hongwei along with others attended the meeting. The vice mayor of Hengyang, represented the Hengyang municipal government, signed the strategic cooperation structure agreement with Hunan Space Administration.
  According to the agreement, our city will cooperate with Hunan Space Administration in six areas, namely, push forward the development of environmental protection and new materials industries, improve the operation of aerospace network in Hengyang, work together to establish the ’intellectual Hengyang’ and explore the cooperation in capital. And we will work actively to establish a talents communication system and both sides will work out a cooperation communication and co-work systems. 
  Aerospace Kai Tian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., jointly established by China Aerospace Science and Industry Group and Kai Tian company, is a comprehensive environmental service provider which is specialize in environment planning, research and development, production, and installment of environmentally friendly products as well as operation of environmental protection facilities. Meanwhile, it is also one of the 17 company that granted environmental services pilot enterprises by the environmental department. The main technologies and products are applied in city planing, sewage disposal, factory environment, air pollution, solid waste and heavy metal waste water waste residue management as well as countryside environment comprehensive remediation and so forth.

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