The throughput of Nan Yue Airport is projected to be 300,000
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  After the routes of Hengyang to Beijing, Shanghai and Zhangjiajie opened, Hengyang Nanyue Airport has opened new airlines, namely, from Xian-Hengyang-Sanya and from Shanghai-Hengyang-Kunming on 25th October and 20th November respectively. But the question is whether the airport can bear so much airlines after the opening of new routes and how to deal with the new airport capacity. The officer of Hengyang Nanyue Airport said that it can hold the new passenger and cargo volume and the passenger throughput can reach over 120,000 and it is expected to reach 300,000 in the coming year. To provide passengers with quality services, the airport has already made preparations for the opening of new airlines.
  Since the 23th Dec. of last year, Hengyang Nanyue Airport has been opened to air traffic, with its new airlines connecting to Beijing, Shanghai and Zhangjiajie. The airport has completed 814 flights until 20th September this year ,with passenger throughput coming to 8,200 and cargo throughput coming to 242 ton. Among these, the average passenger load rates of Beijing, Shanghai and Zhangjiajie have reached to 72%, 52% and 62% respectively. It is anticipated that until the end of this year, the throughput of the airport is projected to reach over 120,000 and is expected to be 300,000 next year.
  The chairman and general manager of Hengyang Nanyue Airport LLC Yuan Yong told the reporter that the designed annual throughput of the airport is 400,000 which can totally hold the passenger and cargo volume of two new airlines. What’s more, the flight time of the new airlines are different of the previous ones, so the bearing capacity of the airport has no problem in bearing all airlines.
  To serve for passengers better, the airport has made full preparations. Yuan said the airport will open 2 and an half hours earlier according to passengers’ needs and the feature that passengers will always get there earlier,especially for the newly settled special airline. Meanwhile, the airport also provided two counters to handle check-in for passengers so as to save their time. It will offer fast-pass and limit the delivery of goods for courier for passengers. The airport will improve their services further, deliver the related flights messages and luggage inquiry timely, enhance the guidance of the internals so as to make a safe, convenient and comfortable trip for them.
  “Nanyue Airport will further implement the deplore of Hengyang municipal government and provincial airport management group, double its efforts to make cooperation with all resident units in the airport, improve services and create quality airlines so as to make greater contributions to the development of Hengyang’s economy,” said the Yuan Yong.

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