The Information Bulletin on the Overall Screening and Innovation in the Business Field of Food of All City
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Units directly under the council, business field of food of counties, cities and regions:
  The whole system has finished the first-stage large-scale supervision, checking and innovation from 1st July according to the arrangement and deploy in profiles of "The Emergency Notice on Speedy Implementation of Whole City's Security and Production Overall Innovation" and "The Action Plan on Implementation of Large-scale Checking, Management, Innovation in Business Field of Food of Hengyang". The notice of supervision situation is as follows:
  1. Basic situation
  Led by officers of bureau, this supervision was divided into 13 groups. under the requirement of the "One Position, Two Responsibilities" required by leaders, the administrative and technical offices have supervised and checked safe production of associated enterprises and bureaus at the level of counties, cities and regions.Till 18th July, 97 supervision and checking units, more than 50 people, 7 bureaus at level of counties, cities and regions are under the supervision and check,11 large emporiums and supermarkets, 6 markets, 47 service stations, 22 grain enterprises, 2 industrial parks, 2 foreign capital enterprises are involved. Among of them, 27 places have found all kinds of hidden safety troubles.
  (1) Attention put by leaders with deploys in right places
  After the serious "6.26"road traffic accident, timely action was taken by bureau at the level of counties, cities and regions, as well as the department directly governed by bureau, exclusive meeting was mounted to oversize the spirit of road traffic accident via emergent television telephone meeting, formulate the action plan for large-scale checking and innovation, put forward with the working requirement including the special innovation meeting on refined oil market held by municipal government of Nanxian, division and assignment of work is led by municipal officers to ensure the safety and soundness of the market of refined oil; safe production warnings are mailed by the Bureau of Business and Grain of Hengashan as to improve the safety awareness of staffs. Regional enterprises, exclusively service stations have experienced the overall campaigns of innovation and screening led by municipal officers." one position, two responsibilities" was acted practically in the region of Shigu and the Yanfeng. By signing memorandum layer and layer, the accountability of safe production has been covered by everyone.
  (2) immediate action with checking implementation
  To take lessons from the accident, infer other things from one fact and earnestly do well the present work of safe production, the field of overall city's business and grain has practiced the innovation jobs in safe production. The Commerce,Science and Technology in Nanyue deeply emerged in the work of safe production. averagely twice one month checking has implemented in over 26 family taverns, and it has amounted to 19 checks so far. The Business and Food Bureau in Hengdong has made blanket checking in the large-scale markets, supermarkets and service stations etc.. There are 17 hidden problems having been found, and they have been innovated basically so far.Business and Grain Bureau of Hengyang and Leiyang, Business Bureau of Zhengxiang have conducted the checking of hidden problems. They raised checking suggestions for existing hidden problems with limited time for checking.
  (3)efficient innovation with remarkable effects
  Since the exclusive campaign, the relevant units have started carpet checking within enterprises in the regions and departments.Some achievements have been made by checking while innovating.There 62 hidden problems having been found in Nanyue, with 58 spots having been innovated.Overall checking in service stations have been finished in the region of Business and Grain Bureau of Qidong.There are 3 service stations having been closed up, owning to the exceeding operational range and incomplete procedures.After the checking service stations of Changning's Bureau of Business and Grain in the facets of operational procedures, managerial systems and safe operation etc., 3 illegal service stations have been closed up and rechecking. The relevant facilities have been removed and 9 oil filling machines have been seized.14 service stations with hidden problems  have been innovated out of 20 service stations in the vicinity of Zhuhui Restrict. So far, over 40 service stations have been checked by Business and Grain Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment, with 65 illegal problems found and innovated. For the illegal problems, it will be dealt in accordance with laws on the basis of further investigation and vertification.
  2. The existing problems
  The majority of existing extinguishers' pressure is far from suffice in the large-scale markets without timely replacement, implicit escape signs etc..The exclusive markets and bazzars exist the phenomenon of burn-in electric wire, casual connections of wires. worse still, cooking with fire in the market place, occupying road to operation and obstructed safety passages.The problems emerging in the service stations are mainly as follows: the cigarette butts scattered in some stations, the stations are not far enough from the community, no oil supply agreements and no lightening protection test reports.The industrial parks mainly exist some bugs like water shortage in the fire hydrants, and the misplace of extinguisher facilities.In some grain enterprises, production shops are shrouded with dusts but not fully equipped with dust-proof stuffs.A small number of bureaus at the level of counties, cities and regions haven't signed responsibility contract on safe production. Some problems like weak fundamentals, incomplete accounting  records, unclear labour division of responsibility and leadership, as well as surveillance shortage.For the above hidden problems, checking documents have been offered with limited time for checking.
  3. The next-step plan
  The result of this checking reflects on the periodical success made by overall innovation and checking. The bureau at the level of counties, cities and regions and enterprises directly governed by bureau should make introspection, check the drawbacks and supply shortage for the sake of further work of safe production. It is also singularly important to resolutely implement the accountability system, departments' surveillance and main responsibility of enterprises according to the requirements of " the Same Responsibility of Both Party and Government" and "Three Requirements". under the surveillance and enforcement of law, enhancement should be propelled to further exclusive innovation on key industrial fields especially urban illegal service stations. For the hidden problems which have been found should be tracked and supervised as to avoid accidents in the Business and Grain Field.

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