The emergency notice on response to torrential rain by combating disaster and preventing flood
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  Various Urban District People's Government and relevant departments directly governed by municipality:
  Our province has underwent 6 torrential rains successively since having entered the flood season. According to the anticipation of the departments of meteorology and hydrology, there will appear the most severe torrential rain from the night of 14th to 15th of our province. Hengyang is seen as one of the targeted area, and has launched the III response of flood prevention.In 14th July, according to the deploy of video meeting on flood prevention,The Notice of Further Flood Prevention, the gospel spirit of Zhou Nong, the secretary of municipal party committee, in combination with the reality, The Notice of Further Flood Prevention is handed to yours in  case of effectively preventing the occurrence of accidents, the relevant works required are as follows:
  1. Intensify the working strength to ensure everything is in the right place.
  The government of all counties, cities, and regions as well as the relevant municipal departments should be put on the high agenda, and should make provisions for every facet of work in accordance with the standard of main flood season.First, to ensure the inspection is in the right place.Intensifying the surveillance and inspection of the focal areas ,key fields of industries, key enterprises and weak segments. Meanwhile, enlarging extensively the extent and frequency of the inspections, erasing the blind areas and blocking the loopholes.Second, to ensure the emergency response is in the right place. The counties, cities and regions should improve the emergency response mechanism, timely control and release the flood condition, metrology condition. At the same time, guiding the enterprises and social public to make full preparation, further intensifying the duties and functions of emergency rescue contingent.Third, to ensure the full duties and defense are in the right place.Key industrial fields, key enterprises and key positions should build serious system of duties by turns during the flood period. Strictly performing the system led by officials, implementing the 24-hours-on-duty system, timely controlling the condition of flood with timely rescue of emergency are immensely important. it should be reported timely to the higher authorities with timely rescue according to reality as soon as the emergence happens.Four, to ensure the surveillance is in the right place.The relevant counties and cities, departments and sectors should fully perform their duties. It's indispensable for relevant sectors to strengthen surveillance, supervise the enforcement of law, urge the relevant enterprises to implement measures and requirements, timely deal with the contradicts and obstacles appeared in the process of handling with flood prevention, make sure the accountability placed on each person, measures implementation and scientific prevention.
  2. Intensity security surveillance to ensure the key prevention
  For coal mines and non-coal mines:During the period of torrential rain, open-pit mines and small underground mining enterprises must cease working and production under the 24-hour supervision checkup system. Only after thorough checking and hidden problems elimination, can mines be allowed to recover production and working.It's a necessary part to reinforce key supervision on the mines, which have been suffered flood, enhance the management of preventing and harnessing flooding damage, for the sake of preventing the accidents and sporadic calamity including well submerging, leaking, the collapse of slide slop of open-pit mines, and landslides.Intensify the surveillance of mine waste dumps and the dam supervision with timely flood dredge.
  For harmful chemicals, civil explosion and firecrackers and fireworks:Harmful chemicals' production, operation, transportation, stocking enterprises and sales work units of firecrackers and fireworks should strictly perform various safety skills regulations and crafty requirements. Meanwhile, the maintenance and inspection on lightening-proof facilities and monitoring of production line should also be strengthened. It's not allowed to load and unload oil and gas storage tanks, but maintain the drainage system of industrial areas and other security facilities.The fireworks enterprises should strictly implement the stipulation of stopping production under the thunderstorm.
  For engineering construction:For the construction sites, interim dormitories, large-scale equipment like tower crane and bridge crane influenced by thunderstorm, it should take protection measures in advance and intensify surveillance.It must not be allowed to work at elevated heights outdoors with tower cranes if encountered thunderstorms and violent wind.Special attention should be paid to the water-related projections which are under construction. Launch of flood prevention project should be implemented as soon as possible in accordance with the flood period to adjust time limit for project.
  Other fields and operational units should also make full preparation and emergency response in combination with the reality.Prevention, special attention and surveillance on the vulnerable areas, which have greater susceptibility to torrential floods should be improved. Meanwhile, preventing secondary calamities including the sporadic thunderstorms, landslide induced by torrential floods, collapse and debris flow should also be put on agendas.
  3. Intensify the organization leadership to make sure the implementation of accountability.
  The relevant departments at provincial level should analyze scientifically and judge precisely the state quo of flood prevention and stumbling stones met in the process in combination with the features, key points and difficult points of their own areas under the jurisdiction and the work of security and production in order to deploy, arrange, take actions, and make preparation timely.Combining the security and production in the flood period with the campaign for Month of Safe Production, wholly implementing the system of accountability in safe production, as well as arrangements and measures in flood period are the guarantees for accountability placed on each person, measures in right place, scientific prevention and comprehensive governance. It must be punished in accordance with the law. For dereliction of duty, management ignorance, accountability without fully implementation and staffs in wrong places and untimely rescue, and property loss, the directly responsible individual and relevant units should be responsible for it.


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