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Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.   Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengsteel) is a subsidiary of Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. It is one of the large-scale seamless steel tube & pipe manufacturers in the world and the second biggest seamless steel tube & pipe producer in China. It was... [2018-07-26 15:03:00]
Ritar Battery Ltd.Co   Ritar was established in May, 2002. Within a few years it rapidly became one of China’s leading lead acid battery and power supply unit manufacturer in China. Currently, the Company has 19 production lines and three manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hengyang. The He... [2018-07-26 15:03:00]
Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company   Oriental Chuangtian International Trade Limited Company plans to invest to establish a jewelry processing project in Hengyang Comprehensive Bonded Area. Yesterday afternoon, Li Yilong(the Municipal Party Secretary and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress) h... [2017-11-28 15:52:00]
Hengyang Xinxin Electrical Special Transformer Co. Ltd.   Hengyang Xinxin Electrical Special Transformer Co. Ltd has a advantageous and accessible geographic position in Hengyang City, as it nears not only the National Route 107 and the Xiang River, but also some significant railroads like Beijing-Guangzhou Line. Until now, the company has had a hi... [2015-02-11 08:02:27]
Hengyang Public Transportation Co., Ltd.   Hengyang Public Transportation Co.,Ltd. is a limited liability company which was restructured to a relatively state-owned holding , management personnel and employees having-shares one in January of 2004. At present, it has 2200 employees, 43 operating lines, more than 700 vehicles, one wate... [2015-02-11 06:21:03]
Central South University Founds National Technology Transference Center Hengyang Center   Recently, Central South University National Technology Transference Center Hengyang Center has been officially signed and set. The vice-president of Central South University and the counselor of Hengyang Municipal Government Chen Xinwen, on behalf of the university and the city respectively,... [2015-01-08 11:04:07]
Foreign Enterprises Invested in Hengyang or Sino-foreign Joint Ventures   Enterprises Names   Main products/services   Telephone number   website   DSM China   Nutrition   Pharma   Performance Materials   Polymer Intermediates   Base Chemicals and Materials   86 21... [2014-12-13 10:29:00]