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Article List
[1191641] Hong Kong's development closely related to mainland: businessmen
  Every stage of the development of Hong Kong's economy is closely related to the development of the Chinese mainland, especially since Hong Kong's return to the mo... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[1191640] 20 years prove success of "one country, two systems"
  Twenty years is enough to provide compelling evidence for the success of the "one country, two systems" principle in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[1191639] Hong Kong to mark 20th anniv. of return to motherland
  Photo taken on June 27, 2017 shows celebration posters in Admiralty of Hong Kong, south China. July 1, 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to th... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986819] China to optimize approval procedures for registration of foreign drugs
  China is now studying on the ways to optimize approval procedures for drug registration of foreign companies, head of drug safety watchdog disclosed on Sunday, ad... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986818] Chinese sports icons voice suggestions at ongoing political advisory session
  Retired Chinese sports icons Yao Ming and Liu Xiang said on Tuesday that the function of competitive sports in China need to be redefined, and its foundations mad... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986817] Political advisors pool wisdom for economic development, ecology preservation   Chinese political advisors put their heads together on Thursday to offer suggestions for the nation's economic progress and ecological preservation.   Fourteen ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986813] CPC holds consultative meeting on senior political advisor election
  The CPC Central Committee said in a statement on Monday that the meeting was held on February 22. Entrusted by the CPC Central Committee, Yu Zhengsheng, a member ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986811] China's central SOEs deliver strong performance in first two months
  China's centrally-administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) performed well in the first two months of 2017, with combined profits up 29.1 percent year-on-year t... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986810] Stealth drone aim of missile designer
  A WJ-600A/D drone is launched from a vehicle.
  China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, the nation's largest missile-maker, has begun to develop military dro... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
[986809] Xi Jinping urges more trust to intellectuals   Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the authorities to give more trust to intellectuals, requiring policymakers to seek more advice from the latter when making... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-13
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