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Article List
[957960] China's economy set to impress as supply-side structural reform continues
  The just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference on Friday confirmed that the supply-side structural reform will continue unabated into 2017, and that "seeking... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[957958] China to encourage more foreign investment in 2017
  China will strengthen its efforts to introduce foreign investment in 2017, said a statement issued Friday after the Central Economic Work Conference.
  Efforts ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[957957] China to improve product quality, core competitiveness in 2017
  China will focus on improving product quality and core competitiveness in 2017 as part of the efforts to shore up the real economy, according to a statement relea... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[957954] Meeting addresses real estate challenges
  China will strictly limit credit flowing into speculative buying in the property market in 2017, according to the Central Economic Work Conference statement issue... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[702035] The Secretary and the Mayor Greeted the CPPCC Members
  On Dec. 26 evening, the municipal committee secretary Tong Mingqian, the deputy secretary and mayor Zhang Ziyin went to Yancheng Hotel, visiting the members who w... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2013-01-03
[957951] NDRC: Overcapacity top reform priority for 2017
  Yang Weimin, vice-minister of the Office of the Central Leading Group on Finance and Economic Affairs.
  Economic planner says multiple policies will ensure 'su... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[702034] Yan Zhihui in Discussion of Municipal CPPCC: All Efforts to Improve People’s Livelihood
  On the afternoon of December 28th, the vice secretary of the municipal Party committee Yan Zhihui attended the Group Discussion of the municipal community Youth L... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2013-01-03
[957948] Stability and progress to be economic keys
  Top leaders vow to balance growth with risk prevention as they set the tone for next year
  The nation's top leaders pledged on Friday to balance stable growth ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
[702033] Mayor Zhang: Turning Accelerating Development into Upgrowth
  On December 29, the deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Ziyin came to Zhengxiang district, Hengnan county, Hengdong county and Shigu district to discuss the Report O... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2013-01-03
[957945] Financial risks to be focal point
  Divergent property demand, accumulated bad loans pose some of greatest difficulties
  Fending off financial risks "in some key sectors" will receive more attent... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-12-20
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