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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs
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Name: Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs
Chief: Zhou Xiaoyun
Address: 409th Jiefang Road Hengyang
Post Code: 421001
Telephone: 0734-8223819
Fax: 0734-8222824
Email: hysljb@sohu.com

Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Water Affairs is established as an institution directly under the municipal government, with its main functions, internal structure and personnel management in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Hengyang Municipal People’s Government’” (Heng Wei[2010] No. 4).

Main responsibilities:

1. To make overall plans for the construction and management of city and rural water affairs; to organize, formulate and examine annual, medium- and long-term water affairs plans such as water supply construction in accordance with the overall plan for the economic and social development of the city, and organizing the implementation of such plans; to organize overall planning of the national economy, city planning and the study of water affairs in major construction projects.

2. To carry out unified administration on the water resources (including atmospheric, surface and underground water) of the city, and to promote the sustainable utilization of water resources; to make and supervise the implementation of medium and long-term planning for water supply and demand, and plans of water volume distribution and allocation; to take responsibility for water planning, organizing, directing and supervising the water-saving work to ensure the safety of water supply in urban and rural area; to organize the implementation of a water-taking licensing system and the collection of water resource fee; and to publish water resources bulletins.

3. To manage the water-supply industry of the city; to implement the franchising management system for the water-supply industry; to supervise and examine the quality of public water supply and the water supplied by units with self-constructed water supply facilities, to supervise the service quality and work safety of the water-supply industry; to manage water transmission and improvement in rural areas; and to take responsibility for the emergency management of water supply.

4. To take charge of the industrial management of drainage, sewage treatment, and recycled water utilization of the city; to establish franchising management systems for the industry of sewage treatment and recycled water utilization; to take charge of the drainage licensing management; to monitor the service quality and work safety of the drainage industry; to take charge of the separation and reformation of rainwater and sewage; to direct the sewage processing for rural areas; and to take charge of drainage emergency management.

5. To take charge of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and dikes (including riverforks, artificial watercourse and artificial lake), to organize and direct work of river realignments; to monitor the water volume and quality of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and drainage (discharge) pipelines and network; to assess the assimilative capacity of aquatorium, to put forth the division of water function zones, and to monitor the implementation of rehabilitation plans of water environment.

6. To take responsibility for the supervision on water administration and law enforcement, relevant administrative reviews and answering administrative litigations, and to coordinate disputes on water affairs among different departments, districts and county-level cities.

7. To manage the construction of water affairs engineering. To implementing relevant state or provincial technical standard of water affairs and relevant rules and regulations on water affairs engineering, to formulate and carry out local water affair engineering standard; to organize the management and protection of water affairs engineering facilities, aquatorium and waterfront line; to guide the construction and management of major water affairs engineering which is of controlling influence, or is inter-district or inter-county-level-city; to organize and coordinate supporting work relating to water affairs facilities in city construction; and to ensure the quality of the construction and operation of water affairs engineering and the supervision on work safety.

8. To organize and coordinate infrastructure construction and management of irrigation and water conservancy; and to take charge of soil and water conservation work to prevent soil erosion.

9.To formulate and carry out the annual capital plan for water affairs construction; to supervise the use of the water affairs construction funds; to guide different business of the water affairs industry, to conduct relevant research and put forward economic adjustment policies and measures for the water affairs industry; and to guide and monitoring water affairs investment and financing.

10.To take responsibility for work concerning the technology and the application of information technology of water affairs, and to carry out external cooperation and exchange on water affairs.

11. To take responsibility for flood and drought prevention and wind resistance, and to organize, coordinate, supervise and direct the work on flood prevention, emergency response, and cryogenic freezing prevention.

12. To manage the relocation of residents for the hydraulic and hydro-power projects of the city; to coordinate later supports and management of relocated residents for the hydraulic and hydro-power projects.

13.To undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Government.


General Office
Division of Planning
Division of Water Resource
Division of Accounting
Division of Technology
Division of Water and Soil Conservation
Division of Personnel
Division of Internal Audit
Division of Information


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