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Article List
[764711] Corrected Version of Hengyang General Planning Passed Experts Investigation On July 12th morning, the Provincial Housing and Rural Area Construction Bureau held an investigation conference, discussing and investigating the Corrected Version of... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764702] Four Urban Planning Projects to Launch in Hengyang To explore and protect the cultural relics in Hengyang, the four urban planning projects will be launched in Hengyang. The preliminary paln will be worked out in June.... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764698] Hengyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission Held the Mid-term Twelfth Five-year Plan Evaluation Conference Recently, according to the arrangement of Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hengyang Municipal People’s Congress and Hengyang Municipal Government, ... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764692] Resolution on the Completion Situation of the National Economy and Social Development in 2012 and the Plan for 2013 in Hengyang The Report of the Completion Situation of the National Economy and Social Development in 2012 and the Plan for 2013 worked by Kang Qiang, the chief of the Municipal De... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764690] Civil Administration of Hunan Twelfth Five-year Plan Be Publicized At the 17th Hunan Civil Administration Conference, Civil Administration Plan of Hunan Provincial Twelfth Five-year Plan has been publicized, in which the working obje... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764659] Ecological Development Plan of Hengyang in Twelfth Five-year Plan Publicized
  By 2015, the forestation covering land would reach 6826 thousand mou. The forest covering rate would reach 43%.
  The ecological development plan of Hengyang in... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764649] The Traveling Planning Work in the Tashan Village in Changning City Has Been Carried Out in Full Swing   To implement the principles in the poverty relief work in the Tashan Village in Changning City, guided by Li Yilong, the Hengyang municipal party secretary, in Se... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764634] Hengyang City’s Forest Resource Research Findings in the 12th Five-year Plan Have Been passed by the Provincial Assessment
  Recently,Hengyang City’s forest resource research findings in the 12th Five-year Plan have been passed by the provincial assessment.The research measures are sc... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764623] Hengyang Held Economy Meeting to Summarize 2014 and Plan for 2015
  Confronting the severe condition resulted from macro-economic downturn, destroyed election for the Hengyang Municipal People’s Congress, industrial structure bei... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
[764617] Hengyang Municipal Civil affairs Bureau Held Working Meeting to Work out of 13th Five-year Plan   On the morning of January 22th, civil affairs bureau convene 13th five meeting to develop the formation of civil administration and establish a civil affairs plan... ---- LastUpdate:2019-04-24
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