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Introduction of Domestic Sister Cities
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Sister City
Date to be twined
Wuhu City
Wuqiao County
Xuzhou City
Guilin City
1. Wuhu City
The date to be twinned with Hengyang City: 1987, 6, 13.
Wuhu is a very ancient city with more of than 2000 years of history. It is well known throughout China and also in the world as the hometown of fish and corn; Wuhu lies at the low reaches of the Yangzi River and is an important port city. During the Qing Dynasty period, Wuhu was the best corn city among the four most well known corn cities in China. So far Wuhu`s economic situation is very good. Two famous companies, both in China and overseas are located in Wuhu. These companies are Cherry and Conch. 
Wuhu has adequate illumination, distinct four seasons, half the year the temperature is around 15 to 16 degree Celsius and the sight is very beautiful and pleasant. Anhui Normal University is located in the city centre. The prices of commodities are very reasonable making life much easier. Wuhu`s reputation of scenic spots and historical sites spreads far and wide. Wuhu is near the Yellow Mountain, Jiu Hua Buddhist Mountain and magnificent ancient villages Xidi.      
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2. Wuqiao County
The date to be twinned with Hengyang City: 2002, 7, 25.
Wuqiao County locates in Hebei Province at the junction of Southeast Jilu, a total area of 584 square kilometers, five rural towns jurisdiction 5, 473 administrative villages, with a population of 275,000.
Wuqiao has a long history and old times, a splendid culture. It is the world-famous "land of acrobatics". Since 1987, Wuqiao was named to the "China Wuqiao International Acrobatic Art Festival" and it successfully held many big competitions. There were 35 civil acrobatics groups, 2300 general domestic and international artists from China and Europe, Asia and the United States participated in the competition to promote the acrobatics and art exchanges and development.
Wuqiao development zone located at the Valley of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand canal occupies the geographical place of the circum-Beijing, Tianjin, Jian and Shijiazhuang which possesses the convenience of favorable geographical positions. The plan area 15 square kilometers; The development zone enjoy good convenient traffic conditions with east nearly Beijing-Shanghai expressway, west nearly Beijing-Hangzhou Grand canal, the No.104National Road and Beijing-shanghai Railway line across the whole zone. The geographical position is superior easily accessible. To Jinan Airport, Huanghua Port one hour by car; To Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang two hours by car from Wuqiao Development Zone.
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3. Xuzhou City
The date to be twinned with Hengyang City: 2008, 6, 20.
Xuzhou known as Pengcheng in ancient times is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Jiangsu province. It is known for its convenient location as a transportation hub in northern Jiangsu, as it has expressways and railway links connecting directly to the provinces of Henan and Shandong, the neighboring city of Lianyungang, as well as the economic hub Shanghai. Xuzhou is located in the southeast of North China Plain. The area of Xuzhou usually experiences short springs and autumns, and the summers are very long and sun scorching hot, with relatively cold winters, and there is a lower than average level of precipitation, covering 11571 square kilometers with a population of 896 0000. The prefecture-level city of Xuzhou administers 11 county-level divisions, including 5 districts, 2 county-level cities and 4 counties. They are Yunlong District, Gulou District, Jiuli District, Jiawang District, Quanshan District, Pizhou City, Xinyi City, Tongshan County, Sui ning County, Pei County, and Feng County. These are further divided into 157 township-level divisions.
Xuzhou was the site of the final critical battle in the Chinese Civil War, the Huai Hai Campaign in 1948-49.
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4. Guilin City
Famous for its wonderful scenery, rivers and karst peaks covered in lush vegetation, Guilin has a long history as the most beautiful place in china. Established in the Qin Dynasty as a regional power base for the first emperor of China, Guilin`s population exploded to around a million during the 1930s when the city became, in southern China, a stronghold against the Japanese aggression. In recent decades, although development and the booming tour industry have added some commercial colors to this beautiful city, Guilin has remained the greenest and most scenic city in China.
Unlike most of the fast developing cities with skyscrapers, Guilin keeps its buildings relatively low because the people here do not want their beautiful peaks to be dwarfed. Guilin is situated along the Li River, which is a great travel attraction itself. The beauty of the crystal-clear water and the karst peaks towering into the sky has attracted travelers and, particularly artists, to this area for centuries. The pointed peaks with sheer cliffs on all sides that you see in traditional Chinese paintings in museums are based on the reality of the Guilin Mountains. Therefore, it`s not surprising that we have a picture of the Li River on the 20-yuan bank note which awards Guilin a higher reputation nationwide.
There is at a small town called Yangshuo near The Li River, which has become something of a backpacker`s legend. The relaxing pace of life here, friendly people, good food, scenic beauty, rice fields and clear streams, country roads for cycling, all make it the paradise for those who wish to get a rest from the harsher aspects of life in the big cities. Yangshuo`s best sights include the Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, Green Lotus Peak and Yulong River.
The Terraced Fields, somehow considered one of the world`s wonders and only 85 km north of Guilin, are a great place highly recommended for those who wish to get a close look of the tribal life in China. Tribes like the Zhuang and Yao, officially recognized as minority groups, had moved from neighboring provinces and made their homes deep in the mountainous area to avoid social turbulences. They have successfully survived the hardship of life by cultivating in the narrow but long terraced fields high up on the big mountains for over 600 years. The history created by these tribal people is still a mystery to most of us!
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