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Article List
[2393752] Jianghua
  Jianghua, whose original name and former name respectively are Yu Shangcong and Huang Chunpu was a native of Jianghua, Hunan from the Yao ethic minority. He joine... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2393751] Liu Hanmao
  Liu Hanmao, a famous model player, was born in Hengyang. He entered the Model Airplane Team of Gongdong Province and was the champion of the Radio Controlled Aero... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2393750] Bao Yugang
  Bao Yugang, originally named Bao Qiran, was born in Hai Zhongbao Village in Ninbo, Zhejiang Province. Bao began to work in the assurance department of Shanghai Ce... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2393749] Luo Yan
  Luo Yan, also named Mu Tian and also literally called Chen Yu, was born in Zhoujia Qiao in Taiping County in Changning, Hunan Province. Luo got a very high grade ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2393748] Liu Ba   Liu Ba, also named Zi Chu, was born in Zhengyang (Hengyang) in late Han Dynasty. He was born in a rich family and he became well-known at an early age for his exc... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[2393746] He Zongman
  He Zongman, a male with Han Nationality, was born in 1956 in Changning City, Hunan Province, graduated from Tsinghua University getting a Master’s Degree and now... ---- LastUpdate:2018-07-26
[1883902] Du Fu
  Du Fu was born in 712,Xiangyang,China and died in 770,Hunan. He was a Chinese poet,often considered the greatest of all time.
  After a traditional Confucian ed... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-25
[1883901] Lung ying-tai
  Lung ying-tai, on February 13, 1952, was born in Taiwan kaohsiung county big Lao township village as soon as possible, modern writers, "minister of the republic o... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-25
[1883900] Cai Lun (61AD-121AD)
  Cai Lun (61AD-121AD), courtesy name Jingzhong, is conventionally regarded as the inventor of paper and the paper making process, and in forms recognizable in mode... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-25
[1883899] Luo Ronghuan
  Luo Ronghuan was one of the 10 Great Marshals of the PLA. A native of Hengshan, Hunan province.He was born on Nov. 26, 1902. He joined the Communist Party of Chin... ---- LastUpdate:2017-11-25
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