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Culture and Education
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2017-11-25 12:32:58 [A  A]


   Education carries on developing and improving. Pre-school education has been extended in the scale and improved on quality. The government has invested 10.133 million yuan in a year in reforming and creating a batch of kindergartens, and the number of children cared by kindergarten is up to 1.665 million, increasing by 33.3%. Compulsory education has been strengthened and consolidated and about 625.5 thousand students are studying in the elementary education stage, increasing by 1.2%, and the primary school enrollment rates are 100 %, the retention rates are 98.8 percent. High school education has accelerated its footsteps, and the number of senior high students is up to 114,000 ,increasing by 3.9%. The higher education has developed steadily. The number of graduate students is up to 2403 increasing by 19.3% and college students is up to 118.2thousand increasing by 4.3%. Private education has funded orderly: there are 1031 diverse private education institutions in Hengyang city, including about 240 thousand students and 17 thousand teaching stuffs.
   Culture has been flourishing continuously. The city owns 12 diverse art performance troupes, 13 culture centers, 12 public libraries, 10 museums and 10 memorial halls. Literary and artistic works had been fruitful. Fairy Tale was nominated in The 14rth Chinese International Photographing Exhibition. The  newly-composed grand opera, Xiaming Han was highly praised by the New Opera Show of Hunan province and the originally-composed song of Sky Goose was broadcasted in CCTV Music Channel. A Mysterious River in the East won the gold prize of 12th National Folk Song Competition. Two Reports won the first place in 3rd National Inner Sketch Folk Arts Competition. Cultural activities are rich and colorful . 32 cultural activities has been put on named “Square Performance Every Ten Days” and 300 activities called “Happy Community Week” have been carried out in a year, and sent 1010 plays to countryside by the program called “Plays Benefiting Countryside People”. The city also held a People’s Singing Contest, themed Following the Communist Party Forever to celebrate the 90th anniversary of CPC, sponsored the ‘Happy Heng Yang 2011’ cultural activities in Spring Festival and National Day Holiday. Township cultural construction has been progressing smoothly. 183 township comprehensive cultural stations has been finished. The cultural relics protection has been strengthened. 28 more provincial cultural relic protection units and 16 municipal intangible cultural protection projects have been enlisted. Xiaming Han’s Old House was regarded as National Patriotism Educational Base, and Nanyue Martyrs’ shrine was rated The Red Scenic Spot (where t he history and the achievements of CPC has been presented).  
   There are 9 broadcasting stations,1 medium- and short- wave transmitting stations in the city, which can cover 96 percent of the population, increasing by 0.6%. 9 television station and 1 education TV channel can cover 98.9 percent of population, increasing by 0.2%. The cable TV subscribers adds up to 613 thousand increasing10.8 percent. 57.6 thousand public movies have been on in countryside. 5 newspapers and 7 kinds of magazines are published, 537000 copies in total. The annual sales revenue of publication industry is up to 1.578 billion yuan, and the total profits is up to 162 million yuan. 14 archives has been completed in the end of the year, and 8,531,000 diverse volumes are open to public.
  Sports  are pushed forward  in all aspects. The city and countryside’s sports facilities continue to be improving. The city possesses 3 stadiums ,3 gymnasiums, 3 sports grounds,5 swimming pools  and 51 various training rooms. The city held The 9th Sports Meeting successfully; 1.8million people were involved in citywide fitness campaigns; 47 citywide fitness projects have been launched. 134 administrative villages in Hengyang County and Hengnan County carried out the “Farmer’s  Physical Fitness Project”, and the city urban area carried out the program called “Public Sports Service Coming into Community”. Competitive sports status gets strengthened. Good performance including 4 world champions ,10 national champions, 2 Asian champions have been achieved in the broad, national and provincial competitions. In the provincial teenage sports competitions, both the total number of gold medals and total group score ranked second in the whole province. Cultural sports construction has been completed step by step; sports for the men in the street has been promoted citywide and masses physical activities are developing vigorously; sports industry is growing increasingly stronger.

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