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[696725] An overview of Hengyang’s Industry
  Hengyang’s industry includes mechanism, metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, textile, foodstuff processing, etc. athletic traumatism ointment, r... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2015-01-29
[696728] Economy
  Heng Yang --a beautiful historic and cultural city―is located in the south of Heng shan Mountain which is the greatest among the China`s Five Sacred Mountains. I... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2015-04-12
[696724] Agreeable Climate for Agriculture
  Hengyang sits in sub-tropic area and therefore enjoys a humid monsoon climate. Its yearly average temperature goes between 17.2―18.1℃. The frost-free period las... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2013-01-30
[696722] Animal Resources
  According to related statistics about Hengyang, there are over 300 species of animals including wild lives, domestic and aquatic animals. Among the wild animals, ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2010-09-29
[696721] Rapid Economic Growth and Sound Economic Structure
  According to an estimate statistics, In the year 2009, Hengyang’s gross value of production is ¥116.8 billion, increased 14.7% than that of the previous year. ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2010-09-29
[696720] Overview
  Hengyang is Hunan Province’s second largest city with the gross size of 15,300 square kilometers. The city consists of 5 counties, two subordinate cities. By the... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2010-09-29
[696726] Technology Innovation
  A value of 35.326 yuan has been added to high-tech industry throughout the year with a growth rate of 39.2%. The number of patent applications have reached 2,449 ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2015-03-14
[696727] Botanic Resources
  Hengyang has 1989 senior plants, 1700 of which are seed-bearing plants. Of the senior plants, there are 99 sections, 342 genera and 1047 kinds of them are woody p... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2010-09-29
[696723] Basic Information of Agriculture
  Hengyang Prefecture sits in southeast of Hunan Province, the city is the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River. This prefecture has 5 counties and two subordinate ci... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2010-09-29
[696729] Hengyang's Tertiary Economy
  Current Situation: In the year 2008, Hengyang`s gross value of production is ¥100.009 billion, 23.575 billion of which is from the first industry (with increase ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2014-01-30
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