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Living Environment and Healthcare in Hengyang
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2019-04-23 17:54:01 [A  A]



Environmental quality has gradually improved. The overall environmental quality remains stable, and the number of days when air quality level is 2 or above 2 is accounted for 365 days. The average annual precipitation is 897.5 mm, and the overall water quality that meet the Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Hyper-Ⅴ-class standard section ratio are 61.1%, 5.6%, 16.7% and 16.7% respectively. The rate of qualified drinking water is 100%, and the executive rate of the qualified environmental protection in industrial projects is also 100%. What’s more, Hengyang has completed 25 projects which aim at reducing main pollutant’s emission, closed 77 projects because of structure and eliminated 74 projects this year. In the meantime, obvious improvements have been made in the atmosphere, water, industry and urban environment by eliminating pollution. Safety management in the concrete wastes and radiation controlling has also strengthened.

The strength in integrative development of mineral resources has increased. Throughout the year, 66 kinds of mineral resources have already been discovered, of which the reserve of 53 kinds mineral resources have already been proved, including 4 kinds of energy mineral, 25 kinds of metal mineral, 23 kinds of nonmetallic mineral 1 mineral water. During the year, 100 geological exploration projects have been completed, increasing by 14%; 8 projects on prospecting resources in the mining area, increasing by 25%, and 0.70 million tons raw coal resource has been newly discovered, increasing by 53%.

The city`s comprehensive carrying capacity has enhanced significantly. In this year, Zhengyang North Road extension project, the Zhuhui water plant, scenery belt across the north and the south of Zheng River, North Part of Changfeng Avenue, North Part of Huaxin Avenue, the first period of Shitang road project, East Chuanshan Avenue and other eight projects have been started one by one. Lingbai Road, four bridges on Hengzhou Avenue, and the connected line of  Heng-Zao Express have almost completed; and Zhengyang North Road extension project, West Heng Expressway, Hengda Expressway, the Zhuhui Ecological Park, Dongzhou Island Park, West Tan-Heng Road extension, Yumu Mountain Ecological Park, Hejiang Bus Terminal have been fully started.

Hengyang has built the second living garbage dump. In addition to other dumps--Changning, Hengyang, Qidong, Nanyue, and Hengshan dump, Hengyang has eight dumps in total. The harmless rate of city living garbage disposal is 100%. And the construction of Zhaoyang gas station has basically completed, and daily supply capacity of the station is 8000 cubic meters, which can meet  the demands of 80 buses. The preliminary work of effluent treatment plant and sludge disposal center in Laizi Stone has been launched; the construction of city sewage pipe network has extended 20.8 km this year, the totality reaching a total of 464.87 km, which help protect the water quality of Xiangjiang River. 268,000 square meters of green areas has been constructed, and the per capita public green area is 9.48 square meters. What’s more, the ratio of urban green space and green coverage rate increases by 36.5% and 39.2% respectively. While the plan-- “Better City in Three Years ” has made significant progress,  the quality of the expansion of new-type towns and villages has also improved and urban and rural areas has upgraded remarkably, as a result the urbanization rate ups to 47.0%.

The security situation in production is severe. Throughout the year, there are 1289 accidents in production in total, increasing by 19.4%; 932 road traffic accidents occurred, decreasing by 2.3%; the accident mortality rate of 100 million RMB worth of GDP is 0.16, decreasing by 0.01%; the production safety accident mortality rate of 100,000 employees in industrial, mining and commercial enterprises is 4.22, rising by 2.08%; the road traffic accident mortality rate of 10,000 cars is 3.01, decreasing by 0.79%; and the accident mortality rate of one million tons of coal is 4.79, increasing by 3.52%.



Health career has made progress gradually. Hengyang has 4617 various health institutions, including 256 hospitals or health centers and 13 maternal and child care service center or station. There are 3.74 million workers working in the health care field, of which 1.8 million are practiced doctors and assistant doctors and 0.86 million are registered nurses. Hospitals can provide 23,800 beds for patients. What’s more, 198 township hospitals are equipped with 6962 beds and 10,237 health staffs, and there are also 7 new constructed or renovated township hospitals. Throughout the year, 5.4 million farmers have participated in the new rural cooperative medical system, generating a participation rate of 99.2% and 1.055 billion Yuan’s subsidy funds. Reform of the medical and health system has orderly progressed; health care in basic level has made much progress; and the health emergency and prevention and control of major infectious disease has also achieved remarkable results.


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