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Social Development
From: | Date Add in:2017-11-25 11:23:44 [A  A]



 Comprehensive strength has got on a new stage. According to a rough computation, Hengyang’s gross value of production is 174.644 billion, increased 14.2% than that of the previous year. The first industry has increased 30.288 billion, increasing by 5.6%, 84.293 billion increased in the second industry, increasing by 18.9%, and 60.063 billion increased in the third industry, increasing by 13.2%. This increase trend goes all through the year. The contribution proportions of the three industries in Hengyang’s GDP is respectively 5.3%, 61.4%, and 33.3%. these three industries have pulled up the GDP of Hengyang are 0.7%, 8.7% and 4.7% respectively.

  Industrial structure has been improved. The ratio of the three industries in the entire economy of Hengyang is 17.3: 48.3: 34.4. compared to the last year, the ration of the first and third industry in the economy have decreased 1.3% and 1.55 respectively while the second industry has increased by 2.8%. The increased value of industry of the total increased value of the economy is 42.3% and the contribution proportion to the economic growth is 56.4%, pulling up GDP by 8%.

  Employment trend is basically stable. 64.8 thousand more people have got employed by the end of the year in rural and urban areas, and the registered unemployment rate in rural and urban area is 3.8%. 414 household are still not employed and 46.3 thousand have got reemployed after losing the jobs. 107 thousand people have got professional job training.

  Social expenditure has kept vigorous. The total volume of the retail sales of consume goods is 55.653 billion, increasing by 18%. The total volume of wholesale in above-norm wholesale and retail trade is 17.976 billion, increasing by 31.2%. In the wholesale in above-norm wholesale and retail trade, the volume of the wholesale of the home appliances increased by 32.5%; the wholesale volume of furniture increased by 34.9%; the wholesale volume of the cultural and office appliances increased by 44.1%; the wholesale volume of the communication equipment increased by 64.3%; the wholesale volume of cars increased by 57.7%.

  The price level has basically fallen down.  The price has presented the trend of rising in the early half of this year and falling in the later half, and the rising momentum has been under control. The general level of the consumption expenditure increased by 5.1%; product wholesale price index increased by 4.7%; ex-factory price index of industrial products increased by 8.5%; in-factory price index of industrial products increased by 10.8%. according to different category, the price of food increased by 9.2%; cigarette, wine and other appliance price increased by 1.4%; the clothes price increased by 1.2%; household appliances and maintenance service price increased by 0.6%; health care and personal appliance price increased by 4%; traffic and communication price increased by 0.5%; entertainment, education and cultural appliance price increased by 2.7%; housing price increased by 6.8%.

  Export Gross has grew greatly. Hengyang`s gross volume of imports and exports is 1.257 billion dollars, increasing by 26.0%; among the gross volume, 1.021 billion dollars is from exports increasing by 44.8% and 0.236 billion dollars from imports increasing by 185.6%.

  Attract investments have advanced steadily. Hengyang has attracted 568 projects from the country. And the investments from sums up to 16.87 billion, increasing by 9.8%.The overseas projects have reached 109, increasing by 29.8%. Among the overseas projects, investment into 8 have been more than 10 million dollars. The practical oversea investment was 0.497 billion dollar increasing by 22.3%. industry in Hengyang has practically used oversea investment 0.475 billion, increasing by 32.6%.

  Tourism industry has been thriving. The total revenue from tourism is 13.457 billion, increasing by 30.9%. Hengyang received 24.6975 million tourists from home or abroad, with the increase rate of 25.9 than that of previous year. Among all these tourists, 24.5289 million tourists were from within China, increasing by 25.2% and 129 thousand tourists were from outside of China increasing by 22.5%.

  Fiscal Revenue has reached a new high. The totality of the fiscal revenue of Hengyang has been more than 15 billion, 15.303 billion exactly, increasing by 35.8%. The average budget revenue was 10.405 billion, increasing by 37.1%. the average budget expenditure was 25.659 billion, in which the expenditure for social security and employment was 4.431 billion increasing 17.6%. from 2006 to 2011, the proportion taken up by fiscal revenue in GDP was 5.7%, 5.9%, 5.7%, 6%, 8%, 8.8% respectively, which showed a steady rising trend.

  Loans in Hengyang has been increasing stably. The financial organizations` net savings has reached 152.644 billion, increasing 16.9% than the previous year. Among the savings, 39.464 billion is from enterprises increasing by 25.8%.  111.372 billion deposits are from residents increasing by 12.2%. The net financial profit of the whole prefecture is 61.157 billion, increasing by 14.9% than the previous year. Among all the loans, short-term loans was 26.045 billion, increasing by 17.4% and the medium-term and long-term loans were 32.012 billion, increasing by 16.3%.

  Insurance industry has been steadily increased. Hengyang`s total insurance premium is 3.712 billion. Among the total sum, 0.984 million is from property insurance increasing by 20.6%; 2.728 billion is from life insurance decreasing by 6.9%.



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